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    Teliosity, LLC is a mechanical, electrical and plumbing consulting and engineering firm with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Founded in 2008, the firm is a certified minority/women-owned business (MBE) and State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

    Comprised of the employees of Telios, our mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering design and low voltage solutions are influenced by diverse backgrounds in design and direct construction experience. As such, an experience-driven, practical approach is central to our engineering design processes.

    Teliosity’s staff brings expertise in all aspects of project delivery, building information modeling (BIM), commissioning, LEED consulting and energy modeling and audits. The firm has worked directly with governmental and higher education agencies, private clients, developers, architects and construction communities. We work seamlessly with team members to deliver a project that represents the client’s vision, schedule and budget.

    As a 100% employee-owned and operated corporation, Teliosity has the unique ability within the industry to field a project team where the individual interests of each team member are directly aligned with the success of the project. I have yet to see another company in the industry that is better suited to provide superior engineering solutions with such a strong commitment to the values and ideals that minority owned and HUB programs throughout the state and nation are built upon.

    Russell Moore, PE, Principal

  • Arlis Brodie, Manager
    Arlis Brodie, Manager

    With over 20 years’ experience in commercial real estate and the A/E/C industry, Arlis works to strategically align the firm to the often-changing market. By building relationships and understanding our clients’ goals, we are able to design appropriate system solutions that create lasting value.

    Manager for Teliosity, a HUB certified, minority owned MEP engineering, Technology design and commissioning firm, in Dallas and Houston, Texas
    Walter Tucker II, Manager

    Walter was one of the founding members of Teliosity providing management and leadership. Walter brings ten years of IT design setting owner/client objectives.  He provides project design support for low voltage projects, as well as IT design for the Dallas and Houston offices.  Walter’s diverse background in information technology and Low Voltage design brings the end user's perspective to the consultant’s role. As a designer, he has been instrumental in the integration and implementation of Building Information Modeling.
    "As one of the market leaders in BIM / energy modeling technology, Teliosity has continued to position itself as a progressive thinking firm that provides excellent service to its clients."

    Manager for Teliosity, a HUB certified MEP engineering, Technology design and commissioning firms, in Dallas and Houston, Texas
    Deborah Kirksmith, Manager

    Deborah has over twenty years of experience in the A/E/C industry, strategically aligning the firm to the changing demands of the market and tailoring services to each client’s unique set of qualities.  Our clients' goals drive our strategy and approach. We strive to build relationships and design building system solutions that are aligned with the overall operational goals, create value once construction is complete, and become a trusted resource for future needs.

    Manager for Teliosity, a HUB certified MEP engineering, Technology design and commissioning firm, in Dallas and Houston, Texas
    Ben Willey, Manager

    One of five managers of Teliosity, Ben is a collaborative team member and takes a practical and sustainable approach to design solutions, helping to ensure each solution aligns with the owner’s business goals, cost of operating needs and exit strategy. He takes nothing for granted and performs thorough field investigations of existing systems firsthand to understand current conditions to develop appropriate solutions. 
    Ben has project managed or designed over 300 projects in Healthcare, Commercial, Retail, Higher Education, Non-Profit and Aviation. Project sizes range from 500 SF to 350,000 SF with construction costs up to $26 million. 

    Taylor Lewis, PE, Manager
    Taylor Lewis, PE, Manager

    As one of the managers for Teliosity, Taylor serves as a project manager for MEP engineering design for healthcare, university, municipal, corporate and industrial facilities. In addition to his electrical systems expertise, Taylor places communication and attention to detail as high priorities to ensure that each project solution is custom-fit for the client. Taylor’s open-minded approach is an asset in collaborative engineering solutions that meet client schedules and business model.

  • Meeting the intent for opportunity, mentorship and diversity, Teliosity is owned by the same employee professionals as our affiliate, Telios, bringing HUB and minority owned MEP engineering and low voltage expertise for projects in healthcare, municipal, state, federal, education and commercial agencies.

    Founded in 2008 with offices in Dallas and Houston, Teliosity, LLC is an employee-owned, managed and directed HUB (Historically Underutilized Business). This extends the reach of professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering and low voltage design to our clients who often request diversity goals.

    In addition to mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering and technology design, Teliosity brings expertise in BIM, LEED consulting, and commissioning. Sustainability is a central corporate value: Much like the demand on client’s renovations and new facilities, Teliosity’s goal is that every MEP engineering project will hold its value and use natural resources wisely.

  • Teliosity staff offers expertise in MEP engineering design for public agencies such as municipalities, state and county agencies, higher education, federal government, and the VA system.