The Telios Engineers design building systems that serve the owners’ vision and the occupants’ comfort. Our team is made up of experts from engineering, technology, and construction backgrounds, providing a turn-key approach for fully-integrated building systems.

MEP Engineering Project by Telios PC
Technology Engineering Office Project Completed by Telios PC

MEP Engineering Specialists

Our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineers bring established, field-tested expertise to their building systems designs.

Their design skills are perpetually improved through consistent feedback from our construction administration team. We effectively execute as a member of a complex team of architects, developers, contractors and owners to meet project priorities and objectives. Our understanding of construction challenges, contract documents, and project management help streamline construction for shorter development timelines and reduced disruption of existing operations.

Our outlook is further supported by our drive to follow-through with the critical nature of installing, testing, training and turning over the building so that the original concepts are realized not just in design and construction, but also operation of the facility. Moreover, our design team is well-versed in the owner mindset. We pair a business outlook with award-winning technical qualifications, and offer a contemporary understanding of sustainable point systems, such as LEED®.

Technology Engineering Pros

Our Technology Engineering team takes a holistic approach to understanding the client’s business model, what drives it, and the level of reliability necessary to support it.

We work closely with clients and the design team to create an appropriate technology strategy that meets current needs and will be relevant for future changes. Given today’s convergence of technologies into a single building network, we understand all of the components, and how to effectively and efficiently combine the use of the building’s structured cabling system (SCS) to service all of the technologies. Telios has a staff of BICSI-Registered Communications Distributions Designers (RCDD).

Our Technology engineers produce designs built on converged networks that maximize integration of systems and promote long term flexibility. The staggering rate of technology changes requires a forward-thinking strategy, and our focus on long-term viability informs every phase of the project, whether it is a renovation or a ground-up construction.