Design Services

Telios’ technology experts work closely with design teams, contractors, and owners to create a forward-thinking technology strategy. The team provides a single source for all integrated building systems solutions.

Structured Cabling

No matter what type of business you have, chances are it relies on a network of structured cables (e.g., fiber optic or copper) to transmit data. We begin our design process by listening to our clients’ needs, pursuing the best value, and establishing and separating sensitive data transmission from inconsequential data. Telios has proven experience in designing multi-million-square-foot corporate campus structured cabling systems, copper and fiber backbone connectivity throughout those campuses, cable-intensive data centers, and building distribution systems. Early planning is the key to accommodating your current business applications, while developing a manageable system for the future.

Audio Visual

In order to communicate effectively, organizations consistently look to audio-visual systems to collaborate both locally and globally. Our approach to audio-visual system design not only seeks the best value for collaborative communication, but also integrates these systems with structured cabling to provide holistic project value. Our audio-visual expertise includes presentation systems, conferencing/telepresence systems, SMART display boards, and digital media distribution systems.

Security Systems

Security systems have become much more than card access. They can integrate with HVAC and lighting control systems to control energy consumption, and interconnect with car-charging or parking garage access systems to generate revenue. Telios’ security design team has the ability to provide simple security system designs to comprehensive, campus-wide systems that not only control access, but incorporates sustainable and financial measures.

When we design security systems, we must not only anticipate occupant traffic patterns, risk analyses, and establish hierarchies of security, but also consider both normal operations and emergency operations. In a fire alarm scenario, for example, the security system must provide safe egress while maintaining internal security. Our services also include access control Systems, surveillance and monitoring Systems, and security intrusion detection systems.