Our building systems consulting and engineering experience spans many different industries, including commercial, data centers, healthcare, industrial and institutional.   Such diversity gives Telios resiliency to market fluctuations, and offers confidence to our clients in our longevity and breadth of expertise.

The diversity of our project experience provides the technical depth to simultaneously address multiple, and seemingly unrelated, business priorities of the owner, such as those encountered in mixed use "work-live-play" developments or mission critical/machines first environments, with cohesive engineering solutions. Freely exchanging ideas across industry lines spurs the critical thinking and creativity necessary to generate whole project solutions that seamlessly transition from engineering design to construction in concert with the project scope, and ultimately, the owner's business model.


Initially launched offering mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, Telios has expanded our services to include technology systems design, building systems commissioning, energy modeling, sustainable consulting and owner representation.  As a member of the design team charged with making a building “work,” Telios has observed firsthand the risks of multiple design and construction efforts being completed on parallel paths with poor, or non-existent coordination.  As rapidly emerging technologies connect historically independent building systems – HVAC and lighting control, networking, fire alarm and building security to name a few – the need for cohesive and coordinated engineering solutions has never been greater.  Our broad-based service offering and diverse areas of expertise give us the resources to provide our clients with creative, coordinated and efficient solutions that eliminate wasted costs of overlapping technologies and result in project savings. 

Designing building system solutions that balance first costs, system efficiencies, architectural aesthetics and occupants' comfort.