June 24, 2021

Telios Hosts Pine Forest Solar Safety Meeting for County Emergency Responders and Officials

Photo credit: KSST Radio in Sulphur Springs, TX

Article featured on KSST Radio

Hopkins County Commissioners as well as area first responders learned more about the layout for the solar farm, safety measures to uses if they are dispatched to an incident at one of Telios’ facilities. Telios sponsored a fajita lunch from a local business for county responders and officials to partake of during the noon meeting April 22, 2021, a Pickton Community Center.

Officials displayed two solar panels, so that those present could better inspect from the front and back the glass panel with tint through which circuit board type wiring was reportedly visible, officials reported.

A round table question and answer session was scheduled after the presentation to allow those present to voice questions or concerns they might have regarding the planned facility and how to proceed if responding at the property.

All four commissioners attended the session, hosted by Telios President Shannon McCall; Hopkins County Fire Department and Pickton-Pine Forest, Como, Saltillo and Brinker Volunteer Fire Departments were also invited to have personnel at the meeting, as those are the nearest to Pine Forest Solar.

The agreement approved by the Comptroller’s Office in 2020 and Como-Pickton CISD in January 2021 notes the planned Pine Forest solar project is estimated to be located in a 2,265 acre reinvestment zone, established by Como-Pickton CISD, within which the entirety of the project will be located. The facility itself is expected to have a total capacity of 299.25 MW and will feature approximately 995,148 photovoltaic panels, and 95 central inverters.