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Distributed Energy Solutions

Commonplace terms in today’s organizations who aspire to be more environmentally conscious in operational endeavors.

Telios is adept at navigating both the known and the leading-edge unknown energy markets.  We enjoy supporting clients who are certain of their energy goals, as well as those who are new to exploring the integration of energy systems into their enterprise.

Telios has analyzed and engineered one of the largest customer-owned solar arrays (9MW) installed in the United States, as well as, managed the integration of a 2.3MW fuel cell that produces not only energy, but hydrogen and heat that is used as feedstock to their operations.

In addition, we have proudly engineered, developed and installed a solar array for our office, demonstrating our corporate commitment to preserving the environment.

Telios offers value-based analyses, engineering, construction management, and financial development of distributed generation systems such as fuel cells, solar arrays, cogeneration or tri-generation.