Over the life of a project, Telios’ pre-construction analyses and engineering generate the highest degree of building system value.

However, our construction service offerings demand the greatest energies and efforts to not only maintain those initial value propositions, but also strive to improve them, and preserve them as a project progresses.

Listening closely to market needs, our consulting services during construction include: construction administration, commissioning, and construction management – all focused on building systems.

Construction Administration

Telios’ construction administration services oversee the installation of today’s complex building systems by assessing field conditions, and general construction progress; providing timely resolutions to issues and concerns; and communicating on-going updates to vested parties.

These services range from a boots-on-the-ground, seasoned team who trailers on-site, to simple technical responses from the office. Either way, our goal is to provide timely, effective and engaged construction administration.


While construction administration oversees the installation of building systems, our world-class commissioning services test those installed systems, for intended function to the satisfaction and best-value of the Client.

Telios manages and executes a rigorous commissioning process that tests building systems to conserve energy, confirm interconnectivity of data channels, as well as, simulates failures to observe system responses.

Once systems are tested, non-compliances resolved, and re-tested for final confirmation, Clients have the confidence that their facilities are operating efficiently, and critical infrastructure is supporting business continuity.

Telios’ in-the-field approach to all our services is equally key to our commissioning process. Our in-house commissioning agents bring decades of experiences as engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and owners. This diverse, seasoned team brings a real world, holistic approach to commissioning building systems, properly.

Construction Management

As Telios’ construction administration oversees installation, and our commissioning team tests the installation, our construction management controls the time and cost of installing building systems.

With the complexities and convergence of today’s building systems, clients have been increasingly challenged by understanding the financial value and time it takes for installing these systems. In response, Telios offers construction management focused in building system projects.

Our construction management services include: establishing, leveling and negotiating competitive bids from subcontractors and vendors; negotiate and manage contract terms; organize and validate insurance requirements; consistently monitor costs and time are commensurate with construction progress; organize and implement close out efforts including commissioning, collecting O&M manuals, training, and final occupancy.

Our construction managers utilize their proven construction and ownership experiences, to offer an engineer-based project administrative service to delivering complex, technical projects.