Energy Modeling and Auditing

Today energy costs are highly dynamic and unpredictable and for many owners and developers this equates to risk.  Energy models and audits can provide meaningful information for building owners to make informed decisions to hedge those risks.

Telios is passionate about high performance buildings and helping owners make sound, economic building improvement decisions. At Telios, we provide comprehensive energy modeling and auditing as a single coordinated service to our engineering services or we can provide standalone third-party services for projects in design or construction. 

Our energy modeling services employ tools and techniques necessary to keep pace with increasingly complex building systems and control strategies. From daylight harvesting to combined heat and power plants, we bring the expertise necessary to model and quantify the impact of the most complex designs being implemented in today’s market. Our capabilities enable us to easily simulate the impact of the following factors within a broad range of real-world scenarios:

  • Building Systems
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Daylighting Design
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • On-site renewable sources
  • Peak Energy Demand
  • Energy Management Systems


Our approach starts with listening to the owner and design team to develop a thorough understanding of the project needs and design intent. By understanding the energy-conserving measures incorporated into the building design, we can employ the most appropriate software or analytical tools to quantify the impact of those measures, both environmental and economic. We understand the need to provide clients with the lifecycle costs of various building components to ensure the most economically sound alternatives are presented.

We believe in starting the modeling process early in the design phase to allow energy performance to “inform” the design process. This often requires an iterative modeling process, and our experts are able to implement changes quickly and efficiently. We work with owners, architects, and engineers to understand exactly where a building is achieving (or not achieving) optimum performance and make proactive improvement recommendations.

Modeling - Energy Reports

During a design process energy modeling can empower the design team and the owner with valuable comparisons. A model can help the team answer questions such as “What is the right amount of insulation for my building,” or “How much energy will be saved between a simple DX system or a water-cooled, chilled water system?”

Our modeling generates simple, executive level reports for the layperson to quickly understand and determine the systems that are right for their business model.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are different from energy modeling in that existing field conditions are first surveyed and documented and then entered into our systems to seek out improvements for reducing energy consumption and maintaining occupant comfort and the health of the building. Among the purposes of an energy audit are:

  • To determine if energy demand and costs can be reduced;
  • To apply for rebates from utility providers; and
  • To determine available capacity for future building expansion.

Telios is fully capable of following through after such an audit, with engineering services to initiate and execute remedial actions deemed necessary.


Our energy modeling team is comprised of professional engineers and technical experts who have successfully modeled nearly three million square feet of various project types. Our staff members are extremely familiar with the LEED modeling protocol, having worked as both consultants on LEED projects and reviewers of other teams’ models.