We strive to be the eyes and ears of the owner through our representation.  Our goal is to provide a service that focuses on the owner's objectives, while confirming proper installation and code requirements are obtained, as well as evaluating a maintainable and functional MEP system implementation. We are a vested team member from start to finish.

Telios interacts directly with chosen contractors, facility staff, and the design team to represent the owner’s expectations while meeting the design intent. We are a hands-on group who assess field conditions and construction progress through onsite field observations so that we can confirm proper means and methods are being utilized during MEP implementation. We understand that the owner has the responsibility of maintaining the facility way beyond the completion of construction and we provide representation to oversee both operability and maintainability for future systems service and expansion.

Telios’ direct interaction approach provides a streamlined process that has proven to resolve issues or concerns in timely manner, which in return minimizes delays and costly change orders. As part of the construction team, assist in evaluating and recommending any required field modifications, while continuing to provide the best solution that still meets design intent and owner’s requirements.

We understand the reality that a large investment has been made and the economics are a vital part of the construction process. Our ability to provide economical solutions while demanding quality of product and installation do not waver and are a value added service from design through installation.

Although the construction process is a focused phase of the project, we do not stop there. Telios has the capabilities to assist or self-perform onsite system testing to confirm proper functionality and system integration has been implemented. We understand the critical details of how the MEP systems are designed to function and how they are required to function as a cohesive system.  Our testing confirms proper normal operation and simulates reaction during component, equipment, or system failure.  There are many scenarios that can cause system failures and thorough upfront design assessment and testing, can minimize, if not avoid, costly impacts and downtime.