Always focused on the end result, Telios strikes a balance between a process-driven, detail-oriented approach and an openness to creative ideas from all team members. We work with clients to ensure that systems are designed and operated to be a good fit with their business models.

Building system costs are a significant part of any new construction project.  We help clients optimize master plans and provide ideas to optimize resources, reduce construction and future operating costs. Telios has helped clients identify potential funding sources for expansions and MEP upgrades.

Education is key when providing sustainable consulting services. Though the idea of becoming “green” is mainstream, the details and how they apply to a specific business initiative are often unclear. We strive to  educate and to provide sound counsel that complements the business objectives and the greater good of our environment.

As technology progresses, Telios appreciates that building systems, the controls of these systems and general voice, data, audio/visual and security systems are starting to meld. This progression leaves many clients uncertain as to who to turn to for what system. Telios offers low voltage consulting so that a Client has one entity to be responsible to assist with the many opportunities associated with these systems and system integration. 

We welcome relationships with architects, contractors and owners, whether we're troubleshooting system components, engineering $100 million facilities, maintaining facilities with multi-million dollar/minute liquidated damages, performing sustainability assessments or assisting with compliances. Our staff is fully committed to providing each client with direct access and personal attention.