Shannon is the founder and President of Telios Corporation. With over 20 years of experience, he provides both executive and technical leadership to the organization. Shannon was selected to assist Southern Methodist University in developing its certificate program in sustainability.  He continued his relationship with SMU as an adjunct professor, teaching Technology in Sustainability, a course for graduate students and professionals with a focus on the various types of renewable energy technologies available to the commercial building market.

The goal of leadership is to provide a people-centric environment both with our clients as well as our associates within the firm, regardless of market conditions, trends, or the latest technology. A consistent goal for each and every one of us is to provide a hands-on, holistic approach to every endeavor. This comprehensive attitude applies to each specific project even as our firm and service lines grow and as our expertise expands around our core competency of building systems. Regardless of our engagement, our solutions start by first listening to our clients and looking for solutions that are centered on their business model and not that of our own agenda.