Brian is a Partner and Vice President of Telios.  He provides hands-on project management and staff guidance rooted in his personal drive to provide solutions that are aligned with a project’s purpose, therefore creating value for the owner.  Brian’s responsibilities include the corporate quality control program. 

Brian’s leadership is articulated in this vision statement.

We set the bar in which our clients measure all of our competitors.  

  • We provide championship level game play because we focus on continual improvement in all areas.  
  • We are incredibly responsive,
  • We have exceptional deadline integrity and client trust,
  • We are accountable to each other.  
  • We provide successful projects for real estate investors, a superior experience for our clients, and a better life for our employees.

Each project has a purpose for the Owner who invests in it. The definition of the word Telios is grounded in its origin as “a perfect design for its intent." We strive to provide solutions that are aligned with the project purpose and to therefore create value for the Owner.