Described by our clients: 

Progressive, genuine, trusted, cares about design, your people embody who you are, solution oriented and expert in your field; Telios celebrates over 10 years of engineering design.

Building on a reputation of progressive, solution oriented engineering design, Telios continues to commit to

  • Lead by example,
  • Respect each client’s objective in providing a hands-on holistic approach to every endeavor and
  • Aspire to exceed expectations in both design and project management.

Founded in 2002, Telios has offices in Dallas and Houston, providing integrated solutions to building system engineering as our core talent; the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage systems that consume, deliver, or control the energy, comfort, communication and security within the built environment. Telios will continue innovative design employing the latest methodologies in energy modeling, commissioning, LEED® and sustainable design, and BIM (Building Information Modeling).  Licensed in fourteen states, our services have been employed nationally, in Europe,Middle East and Africa.
Diverse histories in engineering, construction and building owner communities, drives a focus on bringing value to a client’s business objectives on each project.  We strive to design building system solutions that balance first costs, system efficiencies, architectural aesthetics and occupants comfort.  Our clients include those whose buildings serve diverse needs and functions including: Corporate/Commercial, Healthcare, Data Centers, Mixed-Use, Senior Living, Higher Education and Governmental.

What makes Telios different

  • We effectively execute as a member of a complex team of architects, developers, contractors and owners to meet project priorities and objectives. 
  • Our technical qualifications come with a business-minded outlook that is driven by individual experiences and our corporate culture. 
  • Our drive to follow-through with the critical nature of installing, testing, training and turning over the building so that the original concepts are realized in design, construction, and operation of the facility.
  • We respect the team, the scope and the process.  We listen, and then we solve.