Religious institutions have added new facilities, renovated and expanded multi-functional spaces at a rapid pace over the past decade. These range from sanctuaries to family life centers and multi-purpose gymnasiums. Our projects have sometimes involved relocating utilities or retrofitting air-conditioning into existing churches. Telios is both sensitive and experienced in dealing with the aesthetic preservation challenges of religious building renovations.

Today’s faith-based facilities provide for a community focusing on the needs and activities of multiple generations. "How" they deliver their message has added new technology demands on their facilities for improved audio visual, data and communication capabilities in the sanctuary, office space, children’s theatre and education buildings, catering kitchens and flexible spaces.

Telios has been involved in ground-up and renovation, expansion and adaptive re-use of retail and warehouse buildings into faith-based communities. The technical design services include MEP engineering, multimedia, audio visual and lighting design. Telios seeks to provide the best value by looking for the most cost-effective engineering solutions and recommending energy-efficient equipment to replace old units when appropriate.