Ben E. Keith Southeast Distribution Campus

Missouri City, Texas
580,000 SF; 80 acres
Scope of Services:
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Enhanced Commissioning
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis for campus energy consumption
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Fire Alarm

As part of an 80 acre greenfield site, the Southeast Distribution Campus includes a 500,000 SF refrigerated and dry goods warehouse with office and distribution center.  The campus also includes a 50,000 SF Corporate Office, and 30,000 SF Truck Maintenance facility. 

Telios was hired to provide life cycle analysis on the mechanical systems.  The goal was to find a long term, efficient and economical system which would allow for first cost and operational savings.  Ben E. Keith also wanted to maintain LEED® status.  

Three systems were analyzed including geothermal, water source heat pump and water cooled chilled water system.  After performance analysis was completed, the water source heat pump system was designed, realizing a saving on construction and operations.  

Telios’ design effort included a campus-wide, 15kV distribution system.  Ben E. Keith took primary, overhead service from the local utility and through a loop system design. Telios engineered five (5) pad-mounted transformers, totaling 8.25 MW.  The design included an interim isolation switch within the loop system, including kirk-key interlocks to allow for isolation for both planned and un-planned shutdowns.
In addition, Telios engineered a 3.5MW on-site, parallel generation system to serve the campus in the event of a medium voltage outage.

Project Features Include: 
  • 80 Acre Campus
  • 8.25 MW 15KV Distribution
  • 3.5 MW Critical Load
  • Modular Design
  • Low Voltage for card key entrance
  • LEED Gold Certification